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Halos for Heroes

“Thank you.” These two words from a patient or family member always warm the heart of a doctor, nurse or other health care provider. These words ease the stress of long, busy days of tending to the pain and easing the fears of their patients.

The Halos for Heroes program at St. Anthony Hospital offers patients and guests a tangible way to say “thank you” to a physician, nurse, or other hospital associate, who has touched their life while they were in the hospital. Donations made in honor of these outstanding caregivers are used to support St. Anthony Hospital services and programs and to ensure continued excellence into the future.

Your Hero will receive a personalized certificate of recognition and a beautiful “Halos for Heroes” pin. Your Hero’s name and picture will be displayed on the St. Anthony Health Foundation website and Facebook page.

Heroes do not look for recognition. They provide compassionate and competent care, just because of who they are. That’s why your gift is so special. It always comes as a surprise when they receive their pin and certificate. Your thoughtfulness and generosity can be a highlight in your Hero’s career.

Your tax-deductible donation to St. Anthony Health Foundation in honor of your Hero – a person who gave outstanding care – is a great way to say thank you. Your gift will help St. Anthony Hospital continue to provide the healing programs and excellent care you and your family deserve.

If you have questions or want to recognize a hero with a donation, you can donate online or contact the St. Anthony Health Foundation at 720-321-4310.

Patrick Gleason, RN, Centura Health Regional Pool, receives a Halos for Heroes Award. Patrick is pictured with Olga Baek, RN Centura Health Regional Float Pool, who was also awarded a Halo for her work at St. Francis Medical Center

Kathleen Hendrix receives a Halos for Heros Award

Kelly Flynn receives a Halos for Heroes Award


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